PAIRS classes are taught by educators, counselors, clergy and others trained and licensed by PAIRS Foundation. Only currently licensed instructors have access to the full range of PAIRS workshop and training materials, influenced by significant research, refinement and rigorous quality management processes. Before attending a PAIRS class, you can learn more about our instructors from our online directory. If there is no licensed instructor in your area, please contact PAIRS Foundation for information on other opportunities to experience PAIRS.

L - LEADER: Has participated in one or more levels of PAIRS Professional Training and entered into agreements with PAIRS that define legal and ethical guidelines for use of PAIRS trademarks and intellectual properties. A single digit following "L" represents the level of training completed. L1 is the first level.

CPAIRS: Has completed training specifically designed for those exclusively teaching Christian PAIRS classes to congregants within their own faith-based setting.

PTP: Has completed five levels of PAIRS Professional Training and is licensed to teach the full range of PAIRS public programs and to use PAIRS tools in a clinical setting.

MT: Has reached highest level of excellence teaching PAIRS Mastery Course over multiple years. Some TRAINERS (below) are also Master Teachers.

TRAINER: Has demonstrated highest level of competence leading a range of PAIRS programs to diverse audiences over multiple years with consistent, excellent program evaluations. All training of PAIRS facilitators takes place under the auspices of PAIRS Foundation. TRAINERS may have individual specialties, such as PAIRS Mastery Course, PAIRS Intensives, Christian PAIRS, PAIRS for the Military, PAIRS for PEERS, etc.

All PAIRS instructors are required to annually renew their licenses with PAIRS Foundation and fully uphold the PAIRS Ethical Standards and Licensing requirements, including submitting consent forms and evaluations from each participation to PAIRS Foundation.

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Quashi-Mckie, Heidi


St. Petersburg, FL


Quintero, Laura


PSC 475 Box 1972
FPO, AP 96350

(315) 288-6708



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