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Daniel and Irma O'Connor
53 Kalla Lane
East Aurora, NY, USA - 14052
Trainer: | Level: L
(716) 480-9273

Dan and Irma O'Connor are PAIRS LEADERS, certified Level 5 Instructors, having completed all PAIRS levels of training. They have been married for 40 years and raised three children. Their marriage relationship has been bilingual and inter-cultural. Irma was born and raised in Peru, South America while Dan was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. They both have degrees in Sociology and Master's Degrees in Education (Irma) and Public Administration (Dan). Dan has 30 years of counseling experience and has run not-for-profit organizations. Irma has 30 years of teaching experience from grade school through college.

Dan and Irma are fluent in both English and Spanish and run workshops in both languages. Both have dedicated themselves to developing their marital relationship over the years and helping others gain the knowledge and skills needed to have joyful marriages. They are group leaders in marriage preparation classes for their church diocese. PAIRS was the best marriage program they ever attended. Their initial PAIRS experience in North Carolina was so powerful that they learned more in three days than they had in the first 30 years of marriage! They decided to bring the PAIRS programs to the Buffalo, New York area and began classes there in 2005.

Since then, couples from Canada, Rhode Island, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New York have attended their workshops. Additional PAIRS training in Houston and Virginia made them Level 5 Instructors. They are constantly humbled by the results of their workshops. It is truly amazing how couples are transformed by the powerful skills and knowledge provided them through the PAIRS experience. They look forward to expanding their classes to other areas, including Canada and South America. They invite you to be one of the fortunate couples to attend PAIRS.


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